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sGB Privacy Policy

Note: For the complete I.T. Mate privacy policy, please click here.

I.T. Mate is dedicated to keeping your privacy just that, private. The following is the information we do log, and the reasons for doing so.

Information logged by our server

Whenever someone visits our server, certain information is automatically logged about them. This includes;
  1. IP address
  2. Browser
  3. Referer (where the user came from)
This is standard information that is logged by 99% of the web servers on the internet. We delete our logs on a daily basis, none of the above information is kept, at all.

Sign Up Process

When you sign up, I.T. Mate requests certain information from you for our records. This information is stored in a protected database that is external to all of our website's. The information we request is;

  1. Name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Username
  4. Password
This information is not and will never be shared with any third party.


To use your sGB account, you MUST have cookies enabled. The cookies stored on your computer do not contain personal information, and are not used for any other purpose than to allow you to access your guestbook and administer your guestbook

Guestbook monitoring

I.T. Mate reserves the right to monitor/check any and all guestbooks that are hosted by ourselves. If we feel one or more of the comments posted on your guestbook is/are inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove said post(s) without warning or explanation.

I.T. Mate holds passwords for all users using this service. If a user does something that is against our terms of service, we reserve the right to disable and/or terminate said users account without prior warning.

Third parties

I.T. Mate will NEVER share any of our users information with any third party, whether the information is the users e-mail address, or name, or otherwise. I.T. Mate respects our users information is private and as such, keeps it as just that.


I.T. Mate will NEVER send any e-mail to our users (or anyone else for that matter) without users first requesting such e-mail (i.e. a support request).

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