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Ever wish you could have complete control over the guestbook on your website?. Want your own custom layouts, banners, filters?, sGB provides this and more at a price you can afford.... FREE!. As with all of our services, sGB costs you absolutely nothing, even the hosting is provided free!.

I.T. Mate prides itself on the services it provides, and sGB is no exception. We've went all out to improve on the current guestbook service we offer, and are pleased to say, we have achieved this and more.

Why choose an sGB (simple guestbook)?

Our sGB service is the latest in a long line of free services. sGB is not just any guestbook. With features such as password protected administration area, custom IP and filter black lists, unlimited layouts, free hosting + much more, the sGB is everything you could want in a guestbook and more, and all for free!.

You don't need to install anything to use our guestbook service, nor do you even need to know HTML!, everything has already been done for you.

Do you place adverts or popups on users guestbooks?

Certainly not!. Infact, our sGB guestbooks allow you to set your own custom banners, including the website's they point to!. The only layout that is not editable is the default layout, and this is only so you have a layout to fall back on, should something go wrong whilst you are editing it.

Where do I register?

You can sign up to the sGB service right here.

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